Saturday, April 12, 2008

You've got a friend in me...

We got Toy Story 2 in the mail yesterday (strike that, our neighbors got our dvd in their mail. Our mail carrier still can't get the mail in the right boxes...we've lived here over a year). Nathaniel is enthralled. I have to say though, I still like the first one better. It's a little shorter and seems a bit more kid friendly (meaning my kid will actually watch that one all the way through).

We're at the point in our semester/lives where Sam and I are two ships passing in the night. I have so many major projects due in the next few weeks that I am constantly chipping away at (along with the regular homework/church prep stuff) and Sam is working on papers for two conferences this weekend (yes, two) along with school stuff and working a bunch. Poor Nathaniel. It's been a lot of "entertain yourself" stuff this week. It doesn't help when he gets up at 6am either...ugh.

So, today, even though I have a paper, a project, and a lesson to work on (in the exact opposite order...) we're going to the park and then we are going to meet Sam at school for lunch. I want to have some family time together. Yesterday's family day was canceled due to calendar printing for youth group and Nathaniel's melt down over having to eat peas. Sigh...8 more months and I'm finished with all of this (well, except for church stuff and parenting. Just finished with school). I met with my grad advisor and I have 15 units left to finish up. That's five units this summer and 10 in the fall. I can do it!!

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Lee Jones said...

Queue Rob Schneider: "You can doooo iiiit!!!!"