Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another reason why both these guys are better than Bush

Again, this is another point where I agree with McCain. McCain supports importation of drugs from Canada, something that the Bush administration has opposed in the past (and I believe still does). Drugs are 16% to 60% cheaper there. I never understood the Bush administration's resistance to this. Well, I understand the cynical reason (catering to the pharmecutical companies), but this seems at odds with the party's ideology. If you believe in the invisible hand of capitalism, are against government regulation, and believe that fair competition will result in better, less expensive products for the greatest number (and apply this theory to everything from school choice to social security), why not apply it to the rising costs of drugs? That does not make sense. If you are against paternalism in economic policy (paternalism is where the government acts like a parent, telling you what is best for you instead of allowing the freedom of choice that comes with a free market), why use paternalist arguments in this case (i.e. we can't ensure that these Canadian drugs are good enough)?

For a breif comparison betweem the two canidates, see

This illustrates why it is important to ensure that our arguments are consistent, and this issues shows that most political hacks simply use whatever arguments work at the time with no regard for overall consistency.


Anonymous said...


I appreciate the info on military which I hadn't considered before.

I have to admit I am pretty biased against Obama, not only because of what he stands for, but because the mainstream media is blatantly presenting him as their candidate.

One more link, can't resist, SORRY! :)

If you scroll down, you'll see one of thousands of examples of MSM bias - US Weekly magazine's covers of Obama and Palin. (Obama's shows him and his wife, and it's titled "Why Barak Loves Her" and Palin's shows her and her newborn, titled "Babies, Lies, and Scandal")

I read a lot. I've been registered Democrat, Independent, and Republican at different times in my life! I definitely read from both sides too. I still don't know how I feel about McCain though I definitely agree with Palin so far. I like reading what you come up with !!



Anonymous said...

I'm not usually a blogger responder, but I will here in response to your Sept 4 request.
I can't say that I agree with your importation argument for why these candidates are better. Dealing with the drug industry myself, I find dangers in crossing borders for something as significant as your health. Are people going to to go to only one pharmacy? What safeguards does Canada have for drug interactions and other potential dangers? Are they going to call someone's doctor in the U.S. if there is a problem? Yes, something has to be done about outrageous prices, but reimportation isn't solving the problem and bringing citizens of another country into our mess shouldn't be the solution. Congress needs to instead put stricter regulations on drug companies- and insurance companies- and perhaps even consider completely revamping our mismatched tetris health care system. I'm all for a nationalised health care system. People don't like socialised medicine? Welcome to the real world: with all of the medicaid-paid drugs flying out the door, it wouldn't be changing much.

Marcie, Portland RPh