Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happiness is...

(By the way, as I was writing my blog title I remembered the quote from The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith when his character told his little boy that happiness was spelled wrong on the wall of his daycare and his little boy asked if the word f*&^ was spelled right. Ha ha ha!).

Getting to spend the morning with my little boy, and enjoying it very much so (pretend telephone with play-doh and watching him put stickers all over his face just because he can).

Getting my housework done without my back completely killing me.

Seeing that I'm actually kind of staying on top of my homework (for now. Talk to me tomorrow).

Having Talbot finally put their grading scale down to a normal one (where 93 is no longer a B).

Going to church on Tuesday night to take part in American Gladiator night and watch my leaders dress up in spandex and throw things at our students.

Life is awesome. Even in the midst of crazy stress. :)


Kate said...

Happiness is...
Getting to see Carrie in a few days!!! :)

Enjoy life. Gladiators sounds amazingly awesome. I think I'll make our youth group do that.... *giggle*

Luke Van Horn said...

Good news on the grading scale. I used to wonder if Talbot was really a Satanic counterfeit of a Christian school, since I had a hard time believing a Christian school would have such an obviously evil grading scale.