Saturday, September 13, 2008

What we've been up to (in pictures)

Even though I've been super busy, we've still managed to do some fun family activities. Nathaniel and I went to Disneyland yesterday and today we met up with my friend Kate (yay!) and her sister at the L.A. Co. Fair. It was quite different from the Iowa State Fair to say the least (no butter cow!) but, it was still entertaining. Nathaniel's favorite part was the horse ride I let him go on (how could I not put him on a pony?!) and my favorite part was the giant corndog and the funnel cake.'s not my favorite now (can we say heartburn?) but it was sooooo good!

Here are some pics of our latest outings.

L.A. Fair montage

Random fun montage.

I have to say that my two favorite parts (aside from the yummy food) from today were Nathaniel running around the animal barn almost hysterical with glee squealing, "Oh, look Mom! Chickens! (or goats, pigs, cows, etc.)." My second favorite, the grown man explaining to the grown woman with him what each animal was. Yes, this is Los Angeles County, where there is zero farm land for miles around... Silly Southern Californians!

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