Friday, September 19, 2008


Congratulations Cpt. Daddy! We are so proud of you!!

Sam getting his cover put back on with his new rank.

The happy family at the Armory this morning with our new Captain.

They are recruiting them younger and younger these days!

Nathaniel, "pinning" Sam's new rank. With the new uniforms, it is just Velcro, which is why Nathaniel got to do it.
What a great thing to witness. Nathaniel was completely enamored with all of the Army guys and seeing Daddy at work. Yay Sam!!


Katie said...

Congrats, CPT Grummons!

Aristocles said...

This makes me miss you all!
Y'all are in my prayers, even if I'm not there!

Sam, official, "Congrats"!
Carrie, good to hear baby is healthy!