Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am so excited to watch Nathaniel as he develops into his own little person. It has been an amazing blessing to see him change and grow, even in the last few weeks. Since Sam has been gone I have had to have a sitter come and watch Nathaniel while I work and go to school. It has been good for Nathaniel to have interactions with another kid close to his age, I can see him growing a ton socially. However, there has been something growing in him that is difficult to teach, that is just part of the way God has made him. That is his compassionate side.

First of all, until recently, Nathaniel has had animosity towards any kid under the age of about 16 months. I don't know what it was, but he would bully any kid who couldn't walk. It even got to the point where he would go and smack my friend's kid in the head whenever we were together. I was worried that my kid was going to be the bully. But, lately, he's actually showing care and concern for others. Whenever he hears a baby crying he says, "Mom! Baby crying!" and then says, "It's okay, baby!"

Today I was watching him play with his friend (my baby sitter's boy who is 6 months older than him) and I really noticed his compassion. Nathaniel is a little more advanced with his moter and verbal skills than his friend. Nathaniel knows how to jump and somersault and his friend was trying to copy him, but was just unable to really get it. So, Nathaniel would show him how to jump off of the step stool and then say, "Brynden's turn!" and help his friend up on the stool and hold his hand while he stepped down. He even got the idea of taking turns! ("My turn! Brynden's turn!")

Then, right before naptime we were getting ready to read books and Nathaniel went to grab blankie. I said, "Do you want to show your little brother or sister blankie?" And he came over, lifted my shirt to expose my belly and pushed the blanket up against my belly. Then he moved the blanket, said "Hi baby!" and then said, "Mom! Hug baby!" and hugged my belly and gave it a kiss and said, "Bye baby!" and put my shirt back down.

Wow. I love being a parent and watching my kid grow.

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ksev said...

Oh sweet! I quote my wife. Nice entry.