Thursday, September 4, 2008

A non-political update.

It's been nice having some intellectual chatter going on with our blog, but eventually the mommy in me takes over and I am forced to share updates of the family.

School is in full swing and I am quickly getting in over my head. My goal this semester really was to just graduate, I honestly am trying to not care about grades and being an over achieving perfectionist. But, I've been going to school for the past 22 years and it's hard to break a habit so ingrained upon me. I find myself jotting down the extra credit opportunities and striving to write the perfect papers. Not to mention stay on top of all of my reading (much of it Internet reading, ugh!). Sometimes I feel like I need to join some sort of support group. Some sort of "over achievers anonymous" or something. Please, encourage me to slack!

I did have an academic scare yesterday. I got a memo in my school mailbox that said I was two units short of graduating this December. I immediately started crying and kept thinking, "How can this be?!" True to my type A, over achieving personality I have carefully kept track of my classes and hours and even met with the grad advisor twice to make sure I was right on track to graduate. Yet, when I got home and checked my hours online, I indeed was two units short. Needless to say, I was angry because I had been given the go ahead for graduation. So, I emailed the grad counselor and asked her how she was going to fix her mistake (since it was her that told me twice that I was okay to graduate and okayed my schedules). I also explained to her my situation (pregnant with one kid and a husband who is leaving) and why I couldn't simply just take another semester.

I got a very apologetic phone call this morning from my grad counselor. She explained to me that it indeed was all her fault and she had already come up with a solution. Her and her supervisor reviewed my undergrad transcripts and realized that due to my language classes in undergrad (6 units each of Hebrew and Greek) that it counted for some OT classes in grad school so they transferred those. I am once again cleared to graduate in December.

Sam has been doing well. He's kind of going stir crazy as a stay at home dad (but boy, do I appreciate him!), hence all of the political chatter on our blog. He's actually gone to Disneyland the last three days with plans to go tomorrow as well. I'm happy that he's using his pass so much and enjoying the outdoors with the boy.

Nathaniel is growing up so much. We are still working on potty training, with different techniques being tried all of the time. Since Nathaniel is very aware of when he passes gas we have taught him to excuse himself when he does. There is just something adorable about a 2 year old yelling at the top of his lungs, "Muse me!! I tooted!!" So, when he sits on the potty we tell him to toot in the toilet. He likes that. He's gaining quite the imagination. He was "cooking" the other day and giving me tastes of the "food" he was creating. He also sings all the time so the past few mornings I wake up to him singing his VBS songs. It's so sweet to hear, "I be...faaaaful I be....faaaful..." coming from his bedroom. He is also into sharing, sometimes. Today we were playing catch with his soccer ball and, since it seems like little baby Grummons grew overnight since three people commented on my belly today, I patted my tummy and said something about little brother or sister. Nathaniel took the ball from me and said, "Sister ball?" and put the ball on my stomach, wanting to play. Very cute.

So, that's our family update. I also have a request. If you read our blog could you post a comment? I'm curious as to who reads this and can't figure out how to do the whole google thing here. Plus, if you are anonymous, leave your email address. Stacie, it took me forever to figure out who you were until you signed your last name and I've been meaning to email you, but I don't have your address!!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Anonymous said...

I'm commenting! I've been reading the past little while since I found you through the Weavers. I click on you a lot since I never have time to finish reading or actually read the posts in the first place. I click, I click, and I click, and then I sometimes get a chance to read too. You know how it is!
I don't have a google account and so I just post 'anonymous" but I always sign my name.


Kate said...

I always comment! Well, at least I always read! :) I wish I could figure out who reads my blog, too!

I get to see you in a WEEK! :) YAY!

I'm excited. :)

And yay for being able to graduate. I'm not even type A and that would freak me out, so I can't imagine you! *giggle*


Luke Van Horn said...

When you're out of the loop, you don't hear important news. So, although it's late, congrats on the second baby, Carrie (and Sam)!
I can't say I've been reading your blog long (Sam only told me about it a few days ago), but I've enjoyed the last several days of posts.

Wacky Weavers said...

Reader alert! The weavers read and enjoy hearing your thoughts on life. Keep writing, we enjoy it.

jen w.

Lee Jones said...

I live vicariously through you guys and other friends. Cathy and I will (probably) never have kids, and I love this stuff.

I am very glad that Nathaniel has started to say "bye" when we leave. That makes me feel good inside.

And, glad you got that graduation thing worked out. A word of advice (if you don't mind), remember the so-called "80-20 rule." You still graduate even if you graduate with a "B." :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything worked out with your units. How exciting that this is your last semester. Did Nathaniel only refer to the baby as sister. My sister's son kept saying her baby was a girl and when she told her doctor, her doctor said siblings were right most of the time.