Friday, March 6, 2009

Care packages to Sam.

I talked to Sam this morning for awhile. He is doing very well and was able to get to Sterchy (not sure of spelling) again for work--which means lots of Turkish coffee and eating out at local dining establishments, must be rough. We were talking about care packages and he started listing the following things that he would like:
coloring books

I stopped him and asked him why he wanted those things. He said that the schools really need supplies out there and the kids could really use some fun things, but humanitarian aid is not allowed to be sent through APOs (army addresses). But, if people happen to send things to soldiers that they like to do (like color a lot) then they can give out those supplies to the kids and schools in the area.

So, if you are going to send Sam a care package, please include some of the above things (lots of them). Here is Sam's maling address (you can get free boxes for shipping packages to APO addresses from the post office and it's only 11.95 to mail the box, no matter the weight):

CPT Samuel S. Grummons
Task Force, RLMT, KFOR 11
Camp Bondsteel
APO AE 09340

Also, some other ideas for care package stuff (for Sam) would be movies from the 5.00 rack at Target (fun movies), music for him to download on his ipod, magazines and snack food (beef jerky, fun snacks from Trader Joe's, etc.).

Just thought I would put it out there. Sam really wants to make a difference in the community around him and I hope we can help!


Lee Jones said...

Good to know!

McMommy said...

Carrie, this is awesome! My boys and I will work on putting together a package for the kids and Sam!

Thank you for sharing this info with us!