Thursday, March 5, 2009

The one that's not all about the children.

Sam and I moved out to California almost five years ago.

That's hard for me to believe, but as I look back on the past five years I realize so much has happened. Not only have I finished my degree (the whole point of coming out here) but I have also had two beautiful children (okay, so it's a little bit about the kids) and have gotten to know some amazing people.

I think I realized that this place is my home when I can go out to run an errand and it takes awhile because I run into people I know and have conversations. Or, when I'm out at the beach and see former students surfing. Or, when I'm out driving and end up next to a person I know and can honk the horn and wave like a lunatic.

These are things that I never experienced much in Iowa City, the place I hold fondly in my heart. It reminds me of being in high school a bit. It reminds me that this is where I belong--for now.

Now, if I could just get Sam to actually live here too, my life would be complete.


Lee Jones said...

Cathy and I are certainly glad our paths crossed. :-)

Cheryl Smith said...

You're just another in the continued midwest migration to the West Coast. My parents and a whole boatload of others did it in the 50's and could never get themselves to go back.