Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live from Kosovo

I finally got my computer! Now I have full access to all the stuff that the Army filters (like youtube, bloggers, itunes, and the like). I can connect my camera and actually send pictures.

Kosovo is an interesting place. For one, I see more American flags here than I do in America. The Albanian populace, even 10 years after Operation Allied Force, where we bombed the poop out of the Serbians (which, by the way, we just passed the 10th anniversary of the start of that campaign-24MAR), they still very much love and adore American Soldiers. What is facinating is that the Serbs who live here have a respect for us as well. I just talked with a Serbian leader on the 24th, he took the time out of his busy schedule to meet with us, and he was very cordial and polite. Yes, they mentioned that they were solemn because of the day; however, they recognize that we, KFOR, are impartial and provide a Safe and Secure Environment for all people of Kosovo, regardless of ethnicity.

Working with our NATO and Non-NATO allies is interesting as well. In our own company, we have Greek (or Hellas, as they like to be called), Polish and Ukranian soldiers. Our higher in KFOR HQ is headed by a Spainaird, and I talk with a Lithuanian Captain on a regular basis. The European armies are in many ways different; however, there are a lot of universal facts about being a soldier. A dread of staff work, controlling bosses, and being away from the family.

Well, that is enough for now; I have to get to work!

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Lee Jones said...

Good to see you, man! :-) We're looking forward to your return. Not as much as your family does, of course, but we miss you, too. :-)