Monday, March 30, 2009

My breaking point.

There is a lot that I can handle by myself. Massive poops that blow out the diaper and ruin pants and onsies, cleaning and cooking, tantrums to end all tantrums. All of that I can handle with some humor. However, when I went into my dining room this morning and found something that looked like this by the cat food dishes I nearly lost it.

That is not a picture that I took. I ran from my dining room and refuse to go near the one I found. First, I was going to be all brave and throw the "dead" bug out. But, as I approached with my dustpan and my brave face (all for Nathaniel's sake because when I freaked he immediately freaked too) the roach waved at me.

Which made me freak again and run and grab the closest thing I have to bug spray. Bleach cleaner.

Well, that only made it freak out even more and do a little dance. So, I left it alone. Yes, my cats are thirsty, but getting their water dish means going near our little visitor.

The office says I have to empty out my entire kitchen of dishes and food in order to have the bug guy spray effectively. That's exactly what I want to do tonight after the boys are in bed. Oh, and we get to be gone all afternoon tomorrow too. Right during nap time!

I would almost rather light my apartment on fire and buy all new things and move.

I hate bugs (and the filth that attracts them, which means one of my neighbors is not sanitary because I clean thoroughly at least once a week, if not more).


Humorous edit: Things Nathaniel kept saying today: "Mom, there is a big, huge, bug!" and then he would say, "Mom! I'm a spider (because he kept calling the roach a spider)!" Then he would lay down on his back and wave his arms and legs in the air. Amusing, but gross. (And yes, the bug is still belly up on my floor. I won't go near it because every time I try to get it, it moves even more and I refuse to have a live roach in my vacuum cleaner forever! Let the bug guy deal with it tomorrow!)


Lee Jones said...

Sorry! That stinks. :-(

Dan said...

I would suggest using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

I could also tell you a random factoid about cockroaches, but I don't think that would be exactly helpful...

Karin Katherine said...

I'm not a fan of roaches either. I once paid a maintenance guy to pick up the dead ones after a spray. It was from an apartment in Miami that was older and had old windows. The type that let those palmetto bugs in. Those fly...and are huge.

Thankfully I have not seen any in our new home. When I do, I'm moving.