Monday, March 16, 2009

Some resemblance of normalcy

Now that Aaron is a month old we have some normalcy going on in our household. Yes, he is still getting up every two hours to eat during the night, which is really starting to wear on me, but at least I know I only have two hours of sleep in a chunk. Plus, I have found that when Nathaniel wakes up really early throwing a fit, if I just ignore it he will calm down quicker and will play quietly in his room until I get up later. Before, I would try to calm him down which just made things worse for everyone involved. So, Nathaniel gets his morning meltdown out of the way in the privacy of his bedroom and I get about an hour extra of sleep in the morning. It's a win-win situation.

I went back to volunteering at church on Tuesday nights last week. I had gotten to go out for about an hour by myself on Monday and realized that it was exactly what I needed, so I arranged for my "manny" to come back on Tuesday evenings so I could be with my students again. It really revitalized me and I realized that I am a much better mom if I can get some real "me" time a couple of times a week. More than simply an hour or so in the evening between Nathaniel's bedtime and Aaron's first bedtime (although, last night he was awake until nearly 1am without sleeping at all).

I also got a chance to start playing viola again in preparation of Palm Sunday and Easter. I need to figure out when I'm going to practice because some of this music is a bit difficult, but it was nice to actually be playing again (Aaron sits in the rehearsals with me and Nathaniel goes over to his friend's house to play).

We got our new laptops. I think something is wrong with mine because when I close the lid and put it in hibernation mode it won't wake up so I have to do a forced shut down. The internet also freezes a lot and I'm not used to the touch pad being where it is so I often erase everything I have typed because I accidentally highlight all while I'm happily typing away. It's maddening, but I will adjust (and figure out how to get the computer to wake up).

That's about it here. Sam is still doing really well. I have some pictures of him out and about which I will post on another update (I need to download them from my email first).

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