Monday, June 1, 2009

I have boobies!

On Sunday morning I was getting ready for church while Nathaniel was taking his bath. As I put mascara on my eyelashes I heard Nathaniel say loudly (and somewhat proudly), "Mommy! I have boobies!"

I paused for a second with many things going through my mind. First of all, who has my kid been hanging out with? I certainly have never said "boobies" in front of my kid! Secondly, what do I say!?

I slowly turned around and looked at Nathaniel and asked him, "Nathaniel, what are boobies?" Figuring that it was NOT what I (and the rest of the general population) think when hearing the word "boobies".

Nathaniel, a little frustrated at this point, looks at me and says, "N-A-I-T, Owies!" (He's taken to saying random letters and then saying it spells a word. Very cute.)

All of a sudden it clicked in my head. "Oh, you have boo boos!"

Nathaniel looked at me and smiled and pointed to his Spiderman band-aid with pride.

Thank goodness!

On another note: Nathaniel has been listening better. I just decided to be on top of disciplining him. He gets one warning and then it's time out with his back against the wall for three minutes. It's been working and today was a good day with only one time out for waking up Aaron after I told him that he would get a time out if he did. Yay! I don't know if I could have handled any more rough days!

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