Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My children, the trouble makers.

This week is the week of music camp that the children's program at my church holds. It is really impressive because in five days time we bring in 100 students aged preschool through 6th grade and teach them a musical, which they then perform on Sunday evening.

Since I don't have much going on schedule-wise I volunteered to help out. Also, since the program is run by a bunch of the mom's of the kids in our program, there is childcare available on site. It's great because it gets us out of the house and I get to try something new (leading around a bunch of 4th-6th graders).

Today was a funny day for me as a mom though. First of all, when I dropped Aaron off in the nursery today I laid him down on the blankets next to another baby and gave him a toy. He dropped the toy he had and looked at the baby next to him. They both kind of rolled toward each other and Aaron gave a little grin and reached out and took the toy from the other baby. What a hoodlum! It's so fun to watch him grow and reach milestones! Grabbing toys is awesome! Too bad it was from the other kid.

Then, later the kids were up on stage. They had combined music with choreography and my group was with the preschoolers. So, I got to see Nathaniel up on stage. The preschoolers are only doing two songs and out of those two songs the kids only sing a very little part since they really can't handle any more than that.

It was precious to see the little ones up on stage. It was also hilarious because they were just so squirrely. I mean, it was right before lunch and they are 3 years old. I watched as Nathaniel and his friend Kaatje held hands and jumped around. Then they kept egging each other on and it turned into an all-out silly fest. They were playing drums on their stomachs and were dancing around being silly and were just not paying attention. Of course, Kaatje's mom and I were laughing and thought the kids were just so cute. Then, their leader came over and separated the kids from each other. Nathaniel was moved for being distracting.


So, today I had one child take a toy from his playmate and another one get moved for being distracting.

It's a good thing they're so cute.

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