Monday, June 29, 2009

Music Camp and the sickies.

Nathaniel had an amazing week at music camp last week. It was so cool for me to see him running around with the other preschool aged kids, singing and dancing and playing. It's awesome to see him grow up (as well as a little sad to see him no longer being my baby).

It was such a clever show too. How amazing is it to teach strong theology to kids via songs? The name of the musical was GPS: God's Plan of Salvation and it was really clever.

Unfortunately, Nathaniel was not able to perform at the show on Sunday. On Saturday Nathaniel woke up with a fever and he's been battling it ever since. It goes up to about 103 and then goes down to 99. A couple of times it's gone away and fooled me into believing Nathaniel was all better. Then, while we are out running errands, it goes back up and Nathaniel gets really weepy (I don't blame him). This is the hardest part of not having Sam around is the sick kid. I really need to go grocery shopping and I can't because I can't take a sick kid out like that (although, this morning I thought he was all better and we left to run errands and ended up having to invade a friend's house because Nathaniel's fever came back and we couldn't come home until after 4 because they painted my front entryway's stairs). I tend to get a bit stir crazy.

It's been hard to see Nathaniel so pitifully sick. When his temp gets up there he gets weird. He sleeps a lot and then wakes up crying for/about random things. For example: This afternoon he woke up from his nap saying, "I want to be like a doughnut!" I had no idea what he was talking about. Did he want to be filled with jelly? Did he want to be dunked in a cup of coffee? I kept asking him what he wanted and meant and he said, "I want to be like a doughnut, like this!" and curled up in a ball on the couch. Okay...

He seemed to be better without meds this evening. I'm hoping the worst is over.

I'm also hoping that I don't get it and that Aaron doesn't get it. Fevers are the pits!

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