Thursday, June 11, 2009

Real Food!

Aaron is a big kid. He weighs close to 19 pounds now and the breast milk just hasn't been cutting it for this toddler-wanna-be. He still wakes up every three hours during the night to nurse (after one good five hour stretch, but that's from 7:30-12:30 so it doesn't count in my book!). But, what settled it for me was this week when I was eating my In-n-Out cheeseburger (mmmmm) with Aaron on my lap. Every time I lifted that juicy burger to my mouth Aaron was like a baby bird, mouth wide open, craning his neck to try and get a bite as well. Then, when we went out for frozen yogurt on Tuesday Aaron sat on my lap smacking his lips going, "buh buh buh buh!" while I ate my treat (and while Nathaniel also ate his treat, I think that's what got Aaron more this time, brother had a treat and he didn't).

So, today I bought some rice cereal and tried it out on Aaron. After I spooned one runny spoonful into his mouth the light bulb went on over his head and he was hooked. For the second bite he grabbed my hand and helped me bring the spoon into his mouth faster.

Not to be outdone, Nathaniel wanted to help too so he sat on my lap and gave Aaron some cereal as well.
(please note how Nathaniel's mouth is wide open as he feeds his brother. Sam did the same thing when he fed Nathaniel food as a baby).
So, now Nathaniel really is the best big brother ever in Aaron's eyes. Not only is he entertaining (and has a nice full head of hair to pull on), but he gives him food too.

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