Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We have reached a turning point.

I think that we have reached the end of the tunnel.

Last week Nathaniel was really pushing the limits of everything. It was driving me crazy. I thought for sure that Nathaniel was just going to spend the rest of his natural life in time out. He even pushed it so much as to poop his pants twice on Sunday. Not while we were out and about, but while we were home. Once was even while I was telling him to go potty. It was outright defiance.

But, I think we've turned over a new leaf. First of all, Nathaniel has been begging me to wear underwear at night and during nap time. So, he's been wearing them during nap time and still stays dry. I think when my sister visits we'll work on staying dry through the night (he wakes up dry almost all of the time, I am still not wanting to risk it). That way I will have the extra hand to help while I do my wash.

I have started staying right on top of Nathaniel. I am more consistent with my warnings and am very firm with the time outs. Today he was only in time out twice and it was just for the three minutes rather than longer because of him continually getting out. He stayed in time out and then afterwards did what I wanted him to do (he has a problem with listening and often shouts no at me when I tell him to do something).

Aaron is doing great. I think he's gotten a schedule now. He napped for an hour and a half this morning and three hours this afternoon, which meant he skipped a third nap. He's been growing like a weed and is trying so hard to be a "big boy" like his brother. He is always standing with help from me. It's his favorite position. He likes to stand by the bathtub and watch Nathaniel in the tub. He loves it when I "eat" his hands and feet and often brings his hands up to my mouth so I can pretend to eat them. He's also quite the social one. He is always super happy when there are a ton of people around. He especially loves all of the older kids from church because they are always in his face saying hi and playing with him. He just smiles and babbles at them.

So, life is good again. I'm not losing my mind as much and I am starting the countdown for Sam's leave. Woot!

I will have some pictures on here soon. I just haven't gotten around to downloading them (or taking many).

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McMommy said...

It's so encouraging when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, isn't it? It looks like our kids are about the same number of years apart and I remember going through exactly what you wrote. My oldest would deliberatly pee his pants WHILE IN TIMEOUT just to spite me!! So upsetting for me, I felt like I was failing parenthood 101.

So yes, the light at the end of tunnel is a welcomed sight!!!