Friday, May 9, 2008

And it just keeps getting better!

Monday-Thursday: Occasional vomits from the child. We never knew when it was coming, but it made for an interesting week.

Wednesday: Trip to the pediatrician to find out about a double ear infection, which resulted in a shot of antibiotics in the leg (poor boy) and 10 days worth of "yummy" amoxycillin (which, Nathaniel always asks for more of...).

Friday: We realize what antibiotics does to our poor boy's system. Needless to Nathaniel had a massive blow out in the diaper when we were at McD's eating lunch. Sam had to strip him down in the men's room and bag up everything the kid was wearing from the waist down. Then (after running a few more quick errands, which are another post unto themselves...let's just say I hate the Target by our house even more today than I did before), we got home and I hear Nathaniel in the back of the car saying, "Ewww...". Yup, more poo down the leg. Into the bathtub he went, and I threw a load of laundry into the wash (I've done more laundry this week than in the past two weeks combined!). Nathaniel got out of the tub, into a fresh diaper and snuggled down for his nap. At about 5pm I went to wake him up because I wanted him to sleep tonight (he's been taking really long naps lately due to all of the sickness stuff). When I walked into his bedroom I noticed he was already sitting up looking at a book in his crib, while finger painting...

Yup, he once again liquified his lunch and got it on his sheet and wiped it on his crib slats. Amazingly, it didn't get on his book, his stuffed animals or his blankets, just his crib and sheet. So, off he went into the tub (much to his great delight. He loves playing with the water as it comes out of the faucet) and in went more laundry. Quite a bit of bleach went onto a rag and all over his crib, and now...he is once again sleeping soundly and mommy is hoping that there is no more "surprises" waiting for me.


Lee Jones said...

Wow. You guys have amazing stamina. I hope Nathaniel recovers soon! Hang in there.

McMommy said...

Isn't just ironic?? These antibiotics that are supposed to make everything better always end up making shall I put and colorful?...diapers!!