Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"NO!" "MINE!"

This past weekend our neighbors had a moving sale, and we joined them in the attempt to sell some of our junk. Nathaniel was happily playing with Cathy's 2 year old cousin when the I heard the dreaded words..."Mine!" and I looked over to see my sweet little boy yanking a toy out of this other kid's hands and glaring at him like he was trying to take money or something. Ugh. So, we now get to start the numerous lessons about sharing...luckily the two boys happily began playing with the ball together and a crisis was averted.

Yet, last night I was diligently working on yet another paper and Sam was reading Nathaniel a story, or at least was planning on reading him his bedtime story...suddenly from the other room I hear, "No! Mine!!" Yup, the twos struck again, Nathaniel didn't want Sam to read the story, he wanted to hold the book and flip through the pages on his own. *sigh* So it starts.

He's also learned another new word. Last night during bedtime prayers, Sam was praying and Nathaniel was picking his nose (gross). He sweetly looked up at me, held out his hand and said, "Booger?" Ew.


Dan said...

He better not have learned "booger" from daddy, huh? ;-)

McMommy said...

Awww..a boogie! A sign of true love!

Welcome to the dreaded "mine!" phase...isn't it just fantastic? ugh.

Lee Jones said...

He didn't take back his finger with a "mine?" :-)