Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And when I think things are getting rough...I'm reminded of my many blessings.

It's been a rough week in the Grummons neighborhood. The wonderful owners of our apartment building had another slab leak in the apartment building. This time, it was in unit three and when the plumbers came out today they were told that all of the hot water pipes have to be replaced (or something like that). So, not only are we hot water-less (all of us), we get to have our walls ripped into again (this happened to us back in January). That stinks, but what is worse is that there is all sort of drama with tenant #3 anyways heart hurts for these wonderful people who have been dealt a crap hand.

I was slightly feeling sorry for myself tonight thinking about the lack of hot water and what a cramp getting our walls torn out puts in our life style but God smacked me on the head and showed me how dumb I was being within about a minute of my pity party (not even enough time for the ice cream cake to be served!).

First of all, a little inconvenience is nothing compared to what our dear neighbors are facing. $6500.00 in repairs and a guy who won't pay his rent (but demands the leak to be fixed...grrr!). Secondly, at least we have water, even if I had to heat up a pot of water to wash dishes tonight, at least we have the water to do that with. I also have dishes and food and a roof over my head and the means to pay rent.

Also, I have an amazing little boy who brings tons of light into my life. How can I feel sorry for myself when I have such a sweet little boy hugging and kissing me (and throwing an elbow in my face if I get too snuggly)?

Plus, today we got to hang out at the ocean for a little bit. One of my favorite places.

Also, yesterday and tomorrow we have been helping out a friend as she cares for a brood of children (three of whom aren't hers!) since she had back surgery and can't do much. It is really easy because of the 6 kids around two are three, one is four, two are two and one is this cute little 9 months old who is content being held or hanging with his sisters. They all get along great, such smooth sailing. Today I asked Nathaniel if he wanted to play with his friends tomorrow and I said, "Do you want to play with Ellie?" and he replied, "an Nak!" It was cool to see him remember his friends and know their names (Zeke, Vivian and Makayla).

Sorry for the long post! Enjoy the slide show from the past few days!


Dan said...

It's okay, little buddy - I never did like the taste of potato salad either.

Keep at it, Carrie - the Lord has your back.

And hey, what can be more awakening than a cold shower? :)

Wacky Weavers said...

Well...know that you can take a warm shower at our place anytime and wash clothes too! Anyways...I owe you for helping me out so much these past 2 weeks. And just for those that don't know, the Grummons came and actually CLEANED my house! Now that is service.

We need to take our kids to the beach some day, along with a lot of sunscreen

amanda said...

nothing can snap a funk like a trip to the ocean :) glad you had some fun in the middle of a crazy week!

happy POW!

Beth said...

Hey, I'm glad that you got a 'gentle' reminder that life will be OK. I'm jealous too, you get to just drop by the ocean. Augh, Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes just isn't the same as an ocean!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and letting me know :)

McMommy said...

Oh the ocean always makes it all better, doesn't it??!!

Happy POW, my friend!