Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I promise.

Well, Sam is officially gone. It was a crappy morning because I got up a little early so I could spend time with Sam before Nathaniel woke up and Sam was called into the office because the Colonel decided that he wanted to be briefed when he got up to Monterey so Sam had to return all of the binders that he had taken home yesterday. Grrr...luckily Sam was able to push back the leave time so we did get some time this morning to sit and drink coffee (and hot cocoa for Nathaniel) before rushing out the door.

Anyways, my title of the blog is purposeful, I swear.

I just want people to know that there may be times where I sound like I'm whining or complaining or fishing for extra help in a passive manner. While I can't promise not to whine about Sam being gone and being both mommy and daddy (and student/intern as well) full time, I can promise that I'm not being passive-aggressive on this blog. I promise that if I need help I will ask for it unashamedly. I know I'm not super woman, and as much as I would love to be Super Woman (she looks great in tights and she can fly!) I know my limits and I know when I need help. So, I'm not trying to guilt anyone into anything if I am ever complaining about how I'm supposed to get my hair cut or get the car fixed or treat my cats for worms. I am simply venting.

On another note: If anyone has any healthy, easy recipes that I can use, that would be great. I'm not normally the cook in the house but I know it isn't healthy to eat corn dogs and chicken nuggets for the next 13 months!

On a completely different note: Is it healthy if I can feel my heart skipping beats and making sounds like, "ka-chug, ka-chug, ka-chug"? That happened about 10 minutes ago and it did it for about 5 beats. Kind of freaked me out...


Lee Jones said...

I lived on ramen noodles for, like, a year. Those are easy, if not healthy!

I'm thinking that Sam would be more interested in Wonder Woman, just saying. Besides, Super Girl is, like, practically an anorexic teen.

Maybe you and Cathy can trade notes on recipes. She's all into quick-n-easy stuff because of our hectic life.

I got nothing on the heart beat; stress? :-(

Seriously, though, we're going to Disney again soon, so we'll have to get together and have grownup conversation.

Kate said...

Heya Carrie,
If you ever need to talk, ANYTIME, please call me, okay? I'm out of town this weekend - well, they're stealing my phone and computer for a retreat - but I'll be back Sunday night. I'm praying for you and Sam and Nathaniel a LOT, okay?
*huge hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hi... hang in there friend!!

Shredded Chicken-
Get the bone-in chicken breasts in the big pack when they go on sale (maybe even get two packs). Put one package in the oven in a 9X13 pan w/ seasoned salt and cook @ 350 for ... awhile (45 minutes or more?) till its done. Then, shred it all (takes awhile) and put it in ziplock freezer bags and into the freezer. Then you have shredded chicken for tacos, salad, chicken salad sandwiches, add it to pasta or mashed potatoes or fried rice or whatever, but it's all cooked and ready for when you need it! Super easy...

We'd love to have you guys over here for dinner too. Are you free next Tuesday? :)

ksev said...

Not on topic, but my gosh Nathaniel has grown. A handsome fellow looking a lot like his mom.