Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well, in spite of class and a butt load of Army stuff for Sam, we managed to do Halloween this year. I figured I could have skipped the whole thing since Nathaniel is still so young, but we were nice parents.

We went to the local "pumpkin patch" on Tuesday. I was dressed up as the Great Pumpkin for our youth event (where the kids go on a scavenger hunt looking for the Great Pumpkin) so Sam and Nathaniel came along. It was so ghetto! I'm used to actually going into the patch where the pumpkins grow and picking the pumpkin (along with a hay ride and apple cider). Here, the pumpkins were sitting in rows and there were a whole bunch of really ghetto carnival rides. We spent way too much money on a pumpkin (which we have yet to carve) and worried for Nathaniel's safety on a couple of the rides. Nathaniel had a blast though.

Last night we went trick or treating. It took Nathaniel probably 2 houses to figure out what to do and then he was pushing the bigger kids aside to knock on the door. It was so funny because sometimes he would just say, "Candy!" instead of Trick or treat. He got enough candy to last through potty training and had a really good time. We were lame and had him wear his Batman pajamas as his costume. It worked!

Of course, when we got home our next door neighbors were having a huge party that quickly got out of hand. Everyone was really drunk and people ended up banging on our front door (since our doors are about three feet across from each other) and were shouting in the hallway. Not to mention the music blaring...The police showed up twice! Things finally calmed down around midnight, which didn't help since we had to be up at the butt crack of dawn this morning. I also have a quiz in an hour...ugh!

That's about it. I think we are going to carve our pumpkin tonight. Yup, let's just extend the holiday a bit...

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McMommy said...

Pajamas as costumes ROCK!!! If you ask me, we are just being practical in these hard economic times!! :)