Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Signs that the semester is winding down (and that I have a crapload still to do).

1. My kitchen floor has been mopped twice today (can I help it if the first time was because my foot got stuck in some mysterious goo at breakfast and then after supper I just had to re-mop because I saw a spot on the floor?).

2. I have caught up on everyone's blog (and have even looked at several more than once in an hour. Who knows, maybe something cool like this will happen to me someday).

3. My bathroom is clean, the toys are organized and I have stayed on top of scooping the cat box.

4. I have my bibliographies written without one single word of my research papers written.

5. Nathaniel has been getting a lot of face time with mommy these days.

6. I am a week ahead of teaching for church.

7. I have even considered shaving my legs...

8. I find myself making up lists for my blog instead of writing my Acts paper.

Oh dear Lord, I am totally going to be exhausted if I don't go work on my paper RIGHT NOW. One more month until graduation...

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