Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Song that speaks to where I am right now.

If you read my previous blog, you might think I'm just procrastinating.

Well, yes. But, I have also meant to put this song on our blog for quite awhile. I encourage you to really listen to the lyrics. This song really resonates with where I am right now in life and my attitude. It's kind of like, "Okay, I really don't like this right now and this is NOT the path I would have chosen for myself, but I really believe that God is in charge and that His plan is always better than my own so I'm going to just hold on and trust and go through this." (yes, an incredibly annoying run-on sentence just now...).

So, enjoy the song. I don't know if it will impact you like it does me, but you really should listen to the whole thing. It's only three minutes long so...yeah.

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