Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where is my baby going?

I have such mixed feelings as I watch Nathaniel grow and develop.

On the one hand, I love how independent he is and how he has to do everything himself. I love how verbal he's becoming and how he's actually trying to use sentences. I love that he feeds himself and can get most of his clothes on (not nearly as quickly as he whips those puppies off, my kid is a closet nudist, I tell ya!). I also love that he can play by himself part of the time (at least, when I don't have to do homework. The second I sit down to work on a paper he's all in my lap vying for my attention).

But, today I was unpacking a bag someone gave me that had 8 brand new baby outfits in it. I got all gooey at the little clothes and got so excited that in a little more than 2 months I will have a little body to put into those little clothes. Even Nathaniel seems excited. Whenever he sees babies he gets excited and points them out to me. He is definitely hyped about being a big brother, especially when I tell him how cool it is to be one and how he'll be even more like daddy when he is a big brother.

In three weeks I will be completely done with all of my homework. I'm definitely looking forward to that. I will never have school again. Ever. That's hard to wrap my mind around, especially since I've been in school for the past 22 years...

Finally, I will close this by writing fun Nathaniel stories.

1. Nathaniel is obsessed with picking his nose. Seriously. I think it's getting way out of hand and now he's just torturing his poor mom. He will stand in a room calling my name and when I get in there I find him with his finger crammed up to the second knuckle grinning like a fool. "Look!" Ugh...And if I don't let him pick his nose, he will do a farmer blow right in my face. Yuck!

2. He calls men "man" and women "person". I recently noticed that this week as he was running in our complex and he passed a guy and said, "Hi man!" and then when we were walking with one of my female friends he called out, "Person! Look!". I guess I can pride myself that my son knows women are people...

3. He's learning how to talk on the phone. The other night I laughed out loud when he was talking to "Aunt" Bethany and he said, "How you doing?" with a tone that only reminded me of Joey from Friends.

4. Today I dropped him off at a friend's house for nap time while I had orchestra rehearsal. He knew it was nap time so he said, "ni-ni!" and walked into the room he normally naps in. By the time my friend's husband went to tuck him in, he was asleep. Why does this only happen for others? I have to read two stories, say lengthy prayers, get a glass of water and cuddle!

5. I have been forced by my son to eat an m&m after I go to the bathroom because that's what he gets when he goes potty. When I use the restroom Nathaniel comes barreling into the room and says, "Mommy! Potty and wash hands and treat!" I try to skip the treat and he keeps harping on it until I go and eat an m&m. He's an equal treatment kid. And why shouldn't I be rewarded for my potty habits?

That's about it. I'm going to bed...I'm tired! Sam will be home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving! We are so excited. His mom will be here on Wednesday and we are looking forward to her visit as well.

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