Sunday, May 17, 2009

Adventures in Kosovo

Hello everyone. The internet in my room has been a little touchy. When Carrie has been busy at home or I am busy at work, the internet works. But we don't have the time to Skype each other. However, when we do have the time, the internet is down. Ugh…

I just got done last week with a SharePoint class. For non-techies or people who don't use it at work, it is a shared database with an internet, Office 2007, and Window Explorer interface. This might bring out the inner geek in me, but it was a very cool class. I learned that you can publish blog posts strait from Word 07! I am doing that right now!

Last week was crazy busy. There were all kinds of protests and activities. The Serbs are protesting because they have no power and they don't want to pay (I poop you not, they are protesting because they don't want to pay for power! OK, it is a little more complex than that, but still…). The bus companies were striking in Gnjilane and threatening to protest. There was a protest in Ferizaj about the municipality building something near a mosque. It was crazy. And, of course, I was in class for most of it.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a quick update on my adventures in Kosovo. This is an interesting place.


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