Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I think but would never say outloud.

I'm going crazy. Nathaniel has entered into a new phase of saying "no" to everything. Seriously. It needs to stop now. When I tell him to do something he says no. When he asks for something and I say no he whines, "please!?" over and over and over and over. Driving me up the wall! The other day I muttered out loud, "Son, I want to throw you through the wall!" without realizing he heard me! So, as I went over to help him put his shoes on he cowered and said, "No Mommy! Don't throw me through the wall!" Kind of amusing, but I reassured him that I would NEVER throw him through the wall and I gave him a hug.

I need to watch my mutterings. Here are some other things I've thought but HAVE NOT verbalized.

After telling Nathaniel over and over again to rinse his hair out and when he finally does it he gets soap in his eyes and whines that it burns: "That's karma. You keep telling me no and you are going to get soap in your eyes!"

After Nathaniel tells me he doesn't have to go potty and then a minute later pees all over everything: "So help me child, you are driving me to drink!"

When Nathaniel has asked me for the billionth time, "Why, Mommy?": "I wish you never learned how to talk!"

I would NEVER say those things out loud. EVER! I know that would crush my son's spirit. But, I have to know, does anyone else out there in bloggerland have an internal monologue when it comes to your kids? Is anyone else ever at the end of her rope? Does anyone else offer to give your child away to the next person who says, "Your kid is so well behaved and awesome!" and are only half joking when you do it?

Please tell me I'm not alone!


Heidi said...

you're not alone! ;) Call me, we're in the same boat. I'll msg. you my number.

Lee Jones said...

Aw... I think he'll grow out of it, and I know you'll survive. If you need more time with adults, we're there for you. :-)

Chris said...

When your husband was that age, the wisest thing I heard was, "God invented the terrible twos so you don't feel so bad about them growing up and moving away."

Cheryl Smith said...

All I observed while you were visiting was a saintly level of patience. We were quite awed.

As for the potty training....I would think "mostly trained" means not quite trained on Nathanial's part but I think he mostly has YOU trained....;-) I'm pretty sure he's actually trained when your world doesn't revolve around his excretory functions. The day you don't have to ask him every hour if he has to go then your job is done.

Aside from that, all the positive reinforcement you're giving might help in keeping all the "no" exclamations to a minimum. Or not. What do I know?