Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am I speaking English?

I can tell that Nathaniel is feeling better but still isn't quite up to par. At least--I HOPE this is the case. Today he was in quite the contrary mood. It was like I was talking to myself all day long. Either that or Nathaniel thought that everything I said was merely a suggestion, something for him to do at his leisure.

In the library he kept pulling books off of the shelf and throwing them on the floor. So, we left without taking any books out so he cried all the way home, "I want my books!!"

He was like this All. Day. Long.

He put his arm in the toilet. Twice!

He wouldn't get into his car seat, instead he went and laid down on the floor in the way back of the van. THAT was fun.

When I told him to pick up his blocks before his bath, he threw them all over his bedroom which just begs me to step on them in the middle of the night.

So, at 6:45 I was done with Nathaniel and he went to bed. He was in bed before Aaron! And--he was asleep by 7:15.

Ahhhh...peace and quiet.

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Cheryl Smith said...

Geez, you'd think he was like TWO or something...what a baby....;-)