Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We survived!

Well, some people thought I was crazy, but on Thursday I packed up the boys and we headed up to Portland to visit some friends and family. We flew JetBlue (I highly recommend this for anyone traveling with small children, they are a more kid-friendly airline and don't nickel and dime you to death with luggage fees or charging you to breathe. Plus, t.v. and yummy snacks make any kid happy!) out of Long Beach which was really easy for us. Of course, I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere without the help of my friends taking me to the airport and helping me lug the luggage and carseats to the baggage check.
The flight was easy. Aaron hung out happily and Nathaniel was pretty good too, even if he did talk the entire flight asking me questions about everything. Once we arrived in Portland we stayed with my second cousin (first cousin once removed? Not sure...my dad's cousin) who was generous to open up her nice house to me and my two children. Even with so many nice, breakable things lying around! Her and her husband were more than patient. Especially with an almost three year old running around chasing cats and saying things like, "Cheryl, play with me!" and being picky about things.
On Saturday we spent the morning and early afternoon with a good friend of mine from high school and his wife. God bless Ben for playing with Nathaniel for me. At this point I was getting weary and run down with a cold and was tired of chasing Nathaniel around. Ben entertained Nathaniel for me while I visited with Jen (his wife) and just relaxed a bit.
Saturday afternoon we had the privilege of visiting our friends the Weavers and celebrating Zeke's third birthday with them. It really warmed my heart to see how Nathaniel remembered his buddy so well. He even ran to him happily when he first saw him. We visited with the Weavers until Monday and had such a relaxing time. It was so sweet of them to spend time with us. Especially since my cold went from bad to worse with fever and chills and everything. I was alternating between shivering and sweating all day on Sunday.
Tuesday we spent the morning with another old friend from high school and her daughter and then we flew home. Once again, the kids were dreams. Aaron slept the entire time from checking in our luggage up to when we started landing. He was exhausted! Love my Moby wrap for keeping him cozy while we traveled.
So, I enjoyed my trip very much and am looking forward to returning with Sam.
While I had a great time, the highlight of my trip was that Nathaniel is officially potty trained!! He only had two accidents all week (which is awesome for a strange place!). I still have to take him to the bathroom every two hours, but he holds it in between that time and that is awesome. Hooray!!
Enjoy our trip photos!!
This is Aaron meeting my friend's daughter, Daphne.

Zeke, Nathaniel and Makayla hanging out.

I love this picture of Ben hanging out with Nathaniel.

Aaron chilling out one morning.

Nathaniel in front of some of the beautiful flowers blooming in the park.

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