Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adventures in Stupid

I love the Army. So, get this. Last drill (i.e. two weekends ago), we were told that we were all going to Camp Roberts for 5 days for medical processing in two weeks (i.e. starting this weekend, 20JUNE). So we tell all our soldiers to rearrange thier lives and plan on being there (asking off of work, etc...). Just today (the 19th) 3/4 of the company is NOT going. Orders only came down for a fraction of the soldiers. I am still not 100% sure if any more orders will come down (so what do we tell the soldiers?). This is jacked up!!!

As of now, I am NOT going. So, whereas I thought I couldn't play for our church's Celebration Sunday Orchestra, now I can (and I have not been to a rehearsal, because I thought I was leaving!). Luckily, my boss accidentally scheduled me (even though I told him I wasn't going to be here) so I can work this week.

It just feels like adventures in stupid.

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Lee Jones said...

Hey, be all you can be, right? :-p