Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My poor type A personality is really being stretched this week. The plumbers have cut holes into a wall in every room of our apartment (except for the bathroom...go figure!). It is all necessary, but it cramps my 'orderly' ways. Lots of furniture has been moved around and everything seems a bit cramped. Oh least we have hot water in our bathroom now! Next step, the kitchen!

Nathaniel is really feeling his 'two year' oats. We went for a walk tonight and about two blocks from home refused to walk anymore. He made me carry him. I realize that I could have made him walk home, but I was just tired from fighting him so I lugged his butt home. He has gotten heavy. So heavy. He's always been a solid kid, but man, he just seemed heavy today.

He's funny too. There is a shirt I have that has a siloutte of a runner on it (from a race I ran awhile ago) and he likes to point at the runner and ask, "What's that?!" and when I say "It's a runner." He yells, "Run!" and runs around the apartment. Crazy boy.

That's about it. Looking forward to summer school being behind me (along with a ton of other events) and heading up to Seattle area to visit family! Woot!


Rachel said...

Hope your furniture gets back to place soon! And I hear you with the two year old stuff. My little boy is three and still stuck in the terrible twos!

Dana said...

I so hear you on the plumbing situation. It seems like plumbers are ok with the pipes, but they sure don't know where to put holes, except the unnecessary ones.

We had a leak once in our brand new house, the walls looked like swiss cheese. I have pictures, it was awful. At least we didn't have to pay for any of it.

McMommy said...

I like this post alot...just reminds me that we are all living parallel lives...just in different states!!