Friday, June 27, 2008

My Wife is the Strongest and Most Patient Person I Know

My wife is the toughest woman I know. She is the strongest and most patient person I know. She has not only endured being one of the few women in her program, but she has excelled. She functioned as TA for two professors and has also graded papers for more. I am finishing one summer class on Saturday, and she has already finished two! She stuck it out, even when she has felt unsupported (though she is never unsupported at home). And she does it without a chip on her shoulder. Some can come from an "old boys club" environment angry and bitter, and my wife is not. She can sit and bear it, turning the other cheek with strength and grace, without conceding ground or getting bitter.

(Now, I have to add a qualification. Our school is not 100% anti-women, men only, patriarchal etc... It is not like these attitudes run rampant and unchecked, as if the boys of our school go out of the way to keep the women folk down. That is hardly the case at all. But I cannot deny the pressure or the double standard that is there to some degree.)

She does so much for our family. She handles our money much better than I could. I love her and value everything she does for us.

She will be doing so much more for the next 7 months. We are going to have another baby! She is two months along and is due February 10th. Yay!

Here is an ultrasound of our "Number 2" (an unfortunate name):


Lee Jones said...

Yeah the secret is out! I am so glad I can finally tell others freely!

You should name him (if he's a boy) Buddy or Dude. (You know what I mean...)

Dan said...



Kate said...

YAY! And double yay for getting to talk to you last night! woohoo!

Heidi said...

Whoo hoo!!! bring on the babies!! Your life is about to go to a new level of crazy (speaking from recent experience) :-)

SO excited for ya'll! Keep us posted!

Erika said...

Congratulations on Number 2!! I am so excited for both of you... and the weird thing is, I was just thinking yesterday that I wondered if you would be announcing something like that soon. I can't wait to hear all about it. Will call you soon!

McMommy said...

Ok, I just went back and caught up on all the posts I missed...and oh my goodness...YOU ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!! So HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

I feel so terrible that I missed the big news because I haven't been blog-hopping as much. But I think come next will understand what kind of boat I'm in!! hee hee!