Monday, June 9, 2008

Mommy's little helper

I don't know if it is my kid's personality, or if I have rubbed off on him, but Nathaniel is one of the tidiest kids I know of. The above is a picture of him "helping" me fold laundry. He gets visibly agitated if he can't help us fold. Please note that he's also wearing Daddy's boxer shorts. Classic. He also wipes out the tub every night after his bath (I'm assuming it's because he watches me clean the bathroom) and likes to put away his books and blocks at the end of the day. But, this morning's story takes the cake.

I don't know what time Nathaniel actually got up, but I heard the t.v. on at 5:45 this morning so Sam went out to the living room and told Nathaniel that he had to go back to bed because it wasn't time to get up. Nathaniel obediently went back to his room (I don't think he actually went back to bed, I think he played, but I'm okay with that). At about 6:20 he was back in the living room trying to watch t.v. so I got up with him. That's when I noticed the cat vomit all over the living room floor (grrr) and one of our dish towels over a the main pile of vomit in front of the t.v. I thought Sam had covered it up when he got up to tell Nathaniel to go back to bed, so I was a little mad that he used a dish towel to cover up vomit. When Sam got up he said he didn't do it. That's when I noticed that Nathaniel had cat puke on his legs. Ewww! My poor boy noticed a gross mess and tried to clean it up for me! Awwww....

Here are a few other cute pictures from the past week:

If you notice, it looks like the goat is saying "Cheese!". Kind of cute. Also notice the fearless child trying to climb the goats...eesh.

Our family in front of the castle at Disneyland. We haven't had our picture taken in front of it for awhile so...

It was a really crowded day that day so I think all we did was one ride and then visited the goats. I don't enjoy crowds like that.

I hope people are doing well. Things are good here. Busy busy busy. The plumbers haven't come to fix the walls yet, so today I took the perogative to start moving my furniture back in front of the holes. Let them move it again, I'm tired of the mess!

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