Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More cute stories to enthrall and entertain...

Nathaniel is adament about getting up at the butt crack of dawn. The past few mornings I have been awoken by the t.v. being turned on in the living room. That usually results in one of us (Sam or I) getting up and telling Nathaniel to go back to bed (our rule is no getting up until 6:30). This morning I was awoken to my little one shutting our bedroom door.

I think he figured that if he closed our door he wouldn't wake us up when he turned on the t.v.

Crack me up! It's so strange...all of my friends with kids have the little ones who crawl into bed with their parents when they wake up. I have the kid who shows us who his preferred parent is...the t.v.!

He also has a new word (among many). Butt Cream! (Which is what Sam calls diaper rash ointment). How cute.


Kate said...

Your kiddo cracks me up!!!

McMommy said...

HA! McDaddy calls it Butt Paste!

Happy POW, friend!

Mamasphere said...

We rig our TV so our daughter can't turn it on without us, and now she crawls into bed with us. Now we dont' have to worry about what the heck she's doing WHILE she watches TV. She's quite the opportunist, lol.