Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One day at a time.

Well, I am currently three days into my intense two week class on the Life of Christ. It's such a good class, but it's so much information! In today's class I swear I zoned out and the professor's voice turned into the wah wah wah sound from Peanut's. But, I realized that I'm officially a geek (this is not a new realization). I keep getting excited about reading original documents and commentaries about cultural issues. I studied about the laws concerning menstruating women for four hours today! Dork. (cough).

Since I am officially crazy (enrolled in two summer school classes at once) and have a ton of church stuff going on (summer kick off, dodgeball tourney, etc.) I have to have the mantra of "one thing at a time". So on Monday I wrote a draft of a paper that is due Saturday (rewrite on Friday) and today I wrote a draft of a a paper that is due on Friday (rewrite tomorrow). Next week will involve me researching and writing an 8-12 paper which is due next Thursday and prepping for teaching on Sunday. But, when I think that far in advance I tend to panic and freak out and that is not focus on the papers due this week.

Sam has been the best stay at home parent this week. He's been working evenings, but during the day he works on his homework while Nathaniel is napping and has been just hanging with the boy. I have to say, he's been doing a better job supervising than I have. The other day I was cleaning up Nathaniel's room and kept calling for him to help, but instead got that eerie silence that no parent likes to hear. So I went searching and this is what I found:

My boy (who has been acting like a cat a lot lately) was eating from the cat dish. It was so gross. His breath smelled like kibble.

To make up for it, we went canoing at Disneyland.

That was fun! Nathaniel enjoyed the ride once we got on the boat and he was distracted from the life vest.

Sam also taught Nathaniel how to water the plants.

While I taught Nathaniel how to drink coffee (it was mostly milk, I swear!)

And today, while I sat sweltering in the non-airconditioned apartment working on this paper, Sam took Nathaniel outside and hosed him down. I don't know who had more fun!
So, let's just say that I'm very much looking forward to next Friday afternoon. Sam will be back from Army stuff (he leaves on Sunday, heaven help us, I am all alone with the boy and school) and I will be done with class. Since it's the last day our passes are open for Disneyland for the summer we are going to go and enjoy the fireworks as a family.


Chelle said...

I love your blog! I'm always catching my little girl eating the kitty's food, too! It's so gross...and the sad thing is she is constantly trying to eat it.

Shannon said...

Cute pictures!! My boys are always trying to snatch a sip of my coffee, lol!

Lee Jones said...

[Queue "Boo" from "Monster's Inc."]: "Kitty!"

McMommy said...

Wait a second...didn't you JUST go to Disneyland like two posts ago?!?!?

You lucky duck, you!!!

And if it makes you feel any better, today Carter bent down to drink water from a rain puddle. A puddle that was BLACK from all the dirt and crud that had gathered in it.

Ewwwwwwww!!!! I'm thinking cat food may be a better option at this point!