Friday, June 6, 2008

God's people are good.


I am blown away by the generosity shown to me in the past two hours. I'm amazed and humbled and want to cry.

Sam called me today from his National Guard drill time (one weekend a month, two weeks a year, my butt!). Whenever Sam calls me in the morning while he's at drill it usually is not good news. It usually means that the California Guard has found another way to make our lives difficult. Today was no exception. Sam was handed orders to go up to Camp Roberts from the 22nd-26th of this month. Yup, he has to change his life around 2 weeks ahead of time. So, even though he was scheduled to play for the church orchestra on the 22nd and I have class the 23rd-26th (not to mention work as well) Sam is stuck going up north and I'm left juggling everything.

So, I sent out an email to my friend Jen ( to see if she could help me one or two of those days (and to get more email addresses for other friends). Jen emailed me back and told me that she would take every day, and that she would even take Nathaniel overnight on Tuesday so I could work that night and not have to worry about picking him up from the sitter and taking him right back at 7:15am the next morning. She just chalked it all up as one big play date for her son.

I'm humbled. I am truly humbled. There is no way I could ever pay her back. Wow.

And...Jen's mom donated a very generous gift for our Youth Group's annual Dodgeball tourney. 10 Disneyland tickets and four watches for the raffle. Oh wow. I have no words. I'm amazed.