Friday, July 25, 2008

2 posts in one day...

So, I realized I recapped our week, but I didn't share some of the really juicy stuff. Besides, I take part in a blogger's POW (Post of the Week) and I wanted some interesting stuff to share besides VBS news and a rant on those who judge my amazing students without knowing them.


I started showing my pregnancy this week. Sam is bummed that he missed the transition (again), and I'm bummed that it happened so early (12 weeks vs. 16 weeks). I guess it's true that my stomach will never be the same again (I was hoping that my tummy would be an exception to the rule...*sigh*). I have also started to prepare Nathaniel for his little brother or sister.

We started out with generalizations. Talking about how cool it was that he was big now. That he could do cool big kid stuff like look at books and color and slide. Then we started adding number 2 to our prayers. Praying that Nathaniel would be a good big brother and that number 2 would be a good little brother/sister and that they would be friends and love each other. Then, after I had my last ultra sound, I sat down with Nathaniel and pointed to the picture of the baby and told him that the baby was in my tummy and that he would have a little brother or sister like his friends Eli and Vivi do.

Today as I got Nathaniel into the car I asked him, "Nathaniel, where is your little brother or sister?" and he immediately patted my lower stomach (where the baby actually is, not just my fat!). I said, "Can you say hi to the baby?" and he leaned over and said, "Hi Baby!". How cute!

I've been careful to refer to number 2 as the little brother or sister because I know that Nathaniel is going to have a hard time giving up mommy. Especially with Sam gone he's been ultra clingy so I keep saying that now I will have 2 babies.

Here's hoping. I'm trying to lay the ground work for a happy, "get along" type of sibling stuff. It's got to be better than the love/hate relationship my brother and I had!


Mamasphere said...

I love that you added the baby and their relationship to his nightly prayers!

My daughter has been begging for a little sister or brother. I think we might oblige her soon.

McMommy said...

Oh my know what this calls for, right??

Belly pic!!!

Don't forget to keep us updated with pics of the growing belly...and Nathaniel next to the growing bump! :)

Carol said...

Pregnancy is SO exciting. I think your abs just give up hope at the 1st sign of resistence with subsequent pregnancies. I know mine did.