Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I wonder if people around me know how fiercely devoted I am to my students? I mean, I am like a mother hen to these kids. I try to keep them in line and I expect them to act like real human beings (meaning I don't take crap from them and don't allow them to give crap to others). But, if someone speaks ill of my students generally, does that person really think I'm not going to jump to the defense of my students?

This week is the week our church is putting on Vacation Bible School. It's a huge deal. We have between 200-250 kids at our church learning about Jesus and doing fun things like walking on water (corn starch and water, try it, it's so cool!), making volcanoes, and singing crazy songs. In order for this to happen successfully we have over 100 volunteers taking the week to spend time loving these kids. Many of these volunteers are our high school and junior high students who are giving up a week of sleeping in and going to the beach to help out. These students are AMAZING! They willingly hold hands with the kids, allow themselves to be jumped on numerous times, and patiently teach the students what it means to follow Jesus. I'm so proud!

Today at lunch I was sitting with a group of teachers. Our students are not allowed to be teachers, they are only allowed to be crew leaders (lead small group discussions, and make sure no one gets lost). I asked them how their crew leaders were doing. I wanted to make sure that they were all doing their jobs and no one was slacking. They all said that there were no problems at all. But, then one person started saying that junior high and high school kids should not be allowed to help because they were too immature.

I immediately jumped to the defense of my students. Singing their praises and talking about how great the students were doing. Especially since this person just had no complaints at all! Today alone 5 of my kids (junior high aged) helped with the Bible story. They helped make sure the kids didn't make a mess, and then they spent 45 minutes cleaning up, including scrubbing corn starch out of the carpet! No one asked them to do that, they did it voluntarily!

These are amazing kids who I am so proud of. No one has any right to tell me that they aren't responsible enough. Back off! Gosh, I love these kids! (2.5 weeks until camp!!!!)

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Chelle said...

That would frustrate me, too! They're lucky to have a teacher as wonderful and caring as you are, that's for sure.