Saturday, July 5, 2008

Going without any outside pressure.

Well, I have returned from Washington and had a great trip. I will share those stories later once my head is on straight and I have finished all of my prep for teaching. For now, I have big news (not as big as "we're having another baby" but still, big).

Today Nathaniel went #2 on the potty without us asking him if he needed to go! He got down from his booster chair, walked over to the bathroom and plainly said, "potty! poop!". So, we went and he actually went!!!

I am so happy and relieved (no pun intended-ha). I've come across quite a few late blooming boys lately who are close to four and still not completely potty trained. Even though Nathaniel is not quite two, I was starting to have those nightmares that he would be one of those kids (which is fine, I just didn't want to deal with it myself!).

We'll see if this continues!


Kate said...

That's impressive! YAY!

How was WA? I LOVE that state for some reason. There and Oregon. I'll make sure to call you before I leave!!!

Heidi said...

Owen wasn't completely potty trained until exactly 1 week before Eli was born, just before his 3rd birthday. Poopy trained 2 weeks after the birth. Yay for not buying diapers for 2. Our pediatrician said boys on average are not fully trained until after 3.

He'll do it in his own time, don't worry mamma!
It's great he's excited and motivated.

Lee Jones said...

He's really a big boy now, both figuratively and literally. I pray your seconds is just as wonderful!