Friday, July 25, 2008

Recap of week

What a week we've had (and it's not yet over!). We've had a full week of VBS and some regular church activities, along with helping friends out with watching children and hanging out with friends the Grummons' household is exhausted!

Every morning we were at church by 8am so I could start to make sure all of our helpers were doing what they were supposed to (they were awesome!). We got to leave around noon, except for the days I had meetings and other activities. Those days I loaded Nathaniel up with a friend and stuck around church to plan calender stuff or throw water balloons at the teenagers. One day we had lunch with other VBS people and one day I actually got to go home and try to take a nap. It didn't work out so well.

Today I'm throwing Nathaniel in the tub after lunch, putting him down for a nap and putting my feet up. My apartment desperately needs a cleaning (dusting, vacuming, bathroom and floors type of cleaning) but that can wait, I suppose. What's one more day? The dishes are caught up and the garbage has gone out, so it's not filthy, just a little dusty.

Tonight we have our VBS celebration party. Tomorrow I'm walking a 5K with a friend (early morning), watching a student dance at the festival and hanging out with people for awhile at the Cypress festival (our band plays at 4pm).

Eesh! No wonder I'm so tired which also sets off the nausea. I need a nap!

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