Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's funny...

It's odd that even though it has been two years since Sam's deployment to Iraq I quickly fall into the routine of him being gone without even batting an eye. I wonder if it's problematic? I mean, shouldn't I at least have some problems functioning without my other half? Don't get me wrong. I miss him like crazy, and for more reasons than being the sole one on diaper duty! I miss adult conversation and the comfort of having the one person who really knows me (and who loves me in spite of knowing me) around.

Happily, the pregnancy is going well. Minimal morning sickness (hooray!!!), but a lot of fatigue. It doesn't help that Nathaniel boycotted the nap today. Doesn't he understand that mommy needed a nap!?

Birthday plans are starting to take shape. We are still having the party on Monday, even though daddy will miss it. This way he gets two birthdays. I suppose that's fair, considering last year he had three birthdays...I even let him open a present that came in the mail today. I figured a new toy would distract him for awhile. Hooray for Mr. Potato Head!

So, that's about it here. We are doing well. The apartment is clean (really, I actually cleaned the bathroom yesterday and have stayed on top of dishes and vacuuming!) and I'm caught up at work. Tomorrow I'm hoping to actually write my teaching for Sunday. That will put me way ahead of the game!

I hope the next 2 1/2 weeks go quickly so Sam can be home safe and sound.

I will close on this funny: Today Sam called me and told me he was issued boxers by the Army. They are getting flame retardant everything! I guess I found that amusing...

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Katie said...

Glad to hear this one's not giving you as much trouble in the womb as Nathaniel did (congrats on the pregnancy, BTW). Also...did Sam get the option of flame-retardant boxers or briefs? Cause that would be funny.