Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sam Update.

Sam had the day off yesterday so we got to talk for quite awhile on the phone. It was really nice. He is sore and tired but really satisfied with what he's doing. He said that if he didn't have school and if it wasn't so rough on the family he would totally volunteer to go again. That's my hero :).

He will give a detailed update when he gets back, which should be next weekend sometime (crossing fingers that he is home in time for the Weaver going away party).

On some unfortunate news...Sam's unit is being dumb. They have 10 full time students in their unit and the commander just sent an order down stating that everybody had to go to the 2 week Annual Training in September and the 3 week training in November (since they don't know who will be going to Kosovo in January, everyone is getting ready to go, including Sam...eep!). Sam is trying to figure out what is going on with all of that. Are these students supposed to put everything on hold in the case that they might go to Kosovo? What really sucks for us is that Sam is supposed to graduate in December and that just won't happen if he misses another semester. Plus, if he does get deployed in January that puts off graduation for another year and a half! 7 units left and he can't get a break. Not to mention that I really need Sam around this semester while I finish up my schooling and work at church...sigh.

If you think of it, pray.

Nathaniel is doing well. We have reached an understanding. Anytime he hits anyone, or any animal, he gets a swat on the butt and time out. He needs to realize consequences, and time out is simply too pleasant for him because he will hit and then go to time out on his own accord. His talking has taken off. He is speaking in sentences now. "Mommy, I spill milk!" "Mommy, look!!" "Mommy, lunch!!" and "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" A billion times a day...
We went to the beach on Thursday and Nathaniel had a blast. He loved the water and I literally had to keep both hands on him at all times because he was diving head first into the waves. I swear, that kid has no fear! Looking forward to Sam coming back and going to the beach as a family. Sam will enjoy this.

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Lee Jones said...

Yeah! for Sam's coming back safely!
Boo! for all that extra training!

I sure hope he gets to graduate in December. :-)