Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a way to wake up.

Nathaniel is missing Sam in his own way. Namely, he is super clingy right now and melts down if I leave his presence. I am sad for him because he just doesn't understand why daddy is not here. Every morning he goes into the bedroom and starts moving pillows around calling, "Daddy!".

This morning my neighbors (not the ones who live in my building, the ones next door) were out blaring their car music early. I was already up, but I could imagine it sucked for others. As I was leaving for church I noticed as one of the guys out by the car peed by the dumpster! I was sickened and wished I had my phone with me so I could call the police. I did not need to see that, and we don't need our dumpster smelling like urine.



Lee Jones said...

I saw the next-door landlord hosing the area down, so I guess he noticed.

Want some more movies to distract Nathaniel? I know you're trying to avoid parenting-by-TV, but we have a few Disney flicks if you want them.

Beth said...

I'm sorry about Sam and all the small things that just add up to a bad time. Things will get better and hopefully it will go by quickly.