Sunday, July 27, 2008

Praise the Lord for Unions!

I'm not going to type much. A longer post will happen tomorrow with pictures from the Wacky Weaver's going away party. I just wanted to post that...


I guess the Fire Fighter's Union was upset because the military's presence was effecting how much pay the fire fighters got. Dumb, but great for us. Sam will have made enough money to pay off our bills (which we always pay, but I got ahead on things like insurance, I paid the 6 month premium up front instead of paying the monthly payments), take a nice get away and replenish our savings. Sam also gets to come home just as I am about at the end of my single parenting rope (not really, I adore my boy. I just need my husband home so I can adore watching my husband take care of my boy).

Although, I do have to say that God's people have been amazing. I have had so much help the past few weeks. Many people have been gracious enough to watch Nathaniel for me while I work, invite me over for dinner so I don't have to cook with a nauseous tummy, and have let me hang out at their homes so I can have adult conversation. My neighbors have been amazing and Lee has come over every day to scoop cat poop. As I looked around church today (and also later, at the going away party) I realized that these people truly are my family. But, that is for another post with lots of great pictures and fun stories.

So much for a short entry!!

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